Sunday, March 9, 2008

February 2008 - Seed Order

Jeff, Margot and Christina.

Our Fedco Order:

2 oz Royal Burgundy Bush Green Bean
4 oz Jade Bush Green Bean
2 oz Shirofuni Soy Bean
8 oz Sugar Anne Snap Pea
1/2 oz Cross Country Cucumber
1/2 oz H 19 Little Leaf Cucumber
.2 g Mexican Gherkin Cucumber
1/2 oz Lemon Cucumber
1/8 oz Raven Zuchinni
1/8 oz Yellow Crookneck Squash
1/8 oz Sunburst Pattypan Squash
1/8 oz Red Kuri Winter Squash
1/4 oz Spaghetti Winter Squash
12 g Purple Haze Carrot
1 oz Red Ace Beet
1/2 oz Golden Detroit Beet
1 oz Detroit Dark Red Medium Top Beet
1 oz Bull's Blood Beet
1/8 oz Hailstone Radish
1/2 oz Harris Model Parsnip
1/8 oz Laurentian Rutabega
1/8 oz Purple Top White Globe Turnip
1/2 oz Copra Onion
1/2 oz Alisa Craig Onion
1/8 oz Varisty Onion
1/2 oz Redwing Onion
2 g Red Salad Bowl Lettuce
1 g Flashy Butter Oak Lettuce
1 g Lettuce Mix
1 g Mesclun
1 g Greens Mix
1/8 oz Bright Lights Chard
1 g Oliver Brussels Sprouts
1 g Melissa Savoy Cabbage
2 g Mamouth Red Rock Cabbage
2 g Champion Collards
2 g Red Russian Kale
1 g Winterbor Kale
2 g Nero di Tuscana Kale
.2 g Pruden's Purple Tomato
.2 g Bonny Best Tomato
.2 g Bellstar Paste Tomato
.2 g Amish Paste Tomato
.2 g Sun Gold Cherry Tomato
.2 g Sweet Chelsea Cherry Tomato
10 g Genovese Basil
1 g Sacred Basil
1 g Caribe Cilantro
4 g Bouquet Dill
.5 g Dwarf Marigold
1 g Sparky Marigold
.5 g Joker Sunflowers
28 g Mammoth grey stripe Sunflower
1 g Tiger eye sunflower
1 g Sunflower Sampler
.02 g Panorama Red Bee Balm

Fedco was out of Danver carrot (1 oz), Scarlet Keeper Carrot (24 g), Gigante Kohlrabi (2 g). We need to order these seeds from Johnny's or elsewhere.

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margot said...

the danver carrot seeds just arrived from fedco....fedco does not have the other two seeds we need. so we will need to order them from someone else.