Monday, July 14, 2008

7/6 Potato Planting and BBQ

attended: Matt, Cameron, Emily, Angel, Jim, Maria, Maria's mom, Amy, Ellis, Carol, Gisele, Lee, Jada, Jeff, Margot, Michelle

Potatotes: 6 rows, 150 feet in length, trenches dug 3 feet apart, potatoes cut and planted 12 inches apart, 6 inches deep

1 row of yukon, 1 row All Blue, 1/2 row island sunshine, 1/2 row banana, 1/4 row red dale, 3/4 row all red, 1/2 row magic molly, 1/2 all red

Matt brought a donation of 30 lbs of potatoes - all blues, bananas and larattes

trenches were started by running hand plow (see tool above) down the bed 3-4 times then raking the sides of the trenches up. the potatoes were placed in the trenches 12 inches apart (we used paint sticks to measure) and trenches were then filled in.

We also weeded the onion field and Gene's broccoli. Lawn was mowed.

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margot said...

i believe that we planted a total of (ordered and we had some yukon from last season) a total of 50 pounds of potatoes (assorted varieties). 50 pounds of potatoes, cut, made for the 6 rows. we will see how much we yield and if this is enough for both eating this winter and saving seed for next year.