Monday, June 2, 2008

5/25 Memorial Day BBQ & Workparty

- mowed in between rows of onions and around the fields

- transplanted redwing, copra onion starts into the field
the following method seemed to work most efficiently: 1) mulch with hay 2) make holes in the mulch (4 per row, 4 inches apart) & loosen soil 3) transplant 4) water

next year: only 2 onion seeds per cell in 200 packs, cut all but one seedling in cell to strengthen plant


Michelle said...

5/26 Margot, Jeff, and others went out for 2nd day to plant two more rows of onions; interspersed marigolds & started an experiment of growing mushrooms in the hay mulch

About the garden... said...

The mushrooms planted with the onions were oyster mushrooms, planted in the first row of onions. Jonah also planted other mushrooms near the apple tree in bails of hay. he staked the area so we know were to hunt....