Monday, June 2, 2008

6/1 Workparty

-finished the onions (red wings), planted a total of 2500 onions,
-planted a half row of herbs (saving the basil for interspersing with tomatoes),
-planted a row of soy and fava beans (inch a part),
-weeded lettuces,
-planted a little bit of summer squash (in hills, 1 foot apart, 3 seeds per hill, mulched around hills).


Winter Cache said...

interspersing basil with tomatoes did not work. tomatoes got to big and basil didnt grow fast enough. next year, we should plant much more basil in one area so we can all make lots of pesto. this year we only grew three feet of basil. next year, we should grow one row.

Anonymous said...

we planted a good amount of summer squash for the crew. i believe we planted 8 hills....