Wednesday, June 18, 2008

6/15 Workparty RAINED OUT

6/17 Christina & Michelle transplanted more cukes 6" apart and reseeded radishes (1-2 seeds) in between. This companion planting is said to help deter pests.

The radish plants already growing were covered in flea beetles. We choose to pull them out and reseed, so that we could cover both cukes and radishes
with remay to avoid more flea beetles and cuke beetles. We dug trenches on both sides of beds and buried the remay. THis has seemed to be the best method for keeping remay from blowing away, but is time-intensive to remove it and rebury it to water the plants.

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Winter Cache said...

Anything that we cover with remay should be immediately mulched and watered ... we might also consider planting crops that need to be covered in the fields that retain the most water